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Hello Everyone,
     My name is Nana Flow Denray, I have started blogging a while back; however, I stopped for a bit and wanted to explore SL. But now, I just really want to get back to my blogging ways. I hope everyone sees my talent (that I think I have), and enjoys what I put out there. I am a Neko, I wear my white tail and white ears all the time. I'm sorry if you don't like that but I will not change.On the other hand, I do change my avatar look often and hope that does not bother anyone either.
     I also blog as a ToddleeDoo. I find them so cute, but I make sure to keep my adult and child avatar separate. Sorry if this bothers you as well. 
     Thanks for stopping by!
        Nana Flow Denray

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Head & Body;

♡Belleza - Freya - Mesh Body [ Being Sold in Mainstore]
♡CATWA - Lilo - BENTO Head &CATWA - Mesh Eyes [ Being Sold in Mainstore &/or Marketplace]
♡ItGirls - Lore - Cocoa - CATWA Applier ItGirls - Angel - Body Appliers - Belleza [ Being Sold in Mainstore &/or Marketplace
♡[Avenge] - Vitiligo - Head & Body Appliers - Belleza, OMEGA, & CATWA [ Being Sold in Mainstore&/or Marketplace]
♡VISTA - Bento Hands - Female [ Being Sold in Mainstore &/or Marketplace]
♡#EMPIRE - Square Nails - Ultra [ Being Sold in Mainstore &/or Marketplace]

Apparel & Accessories;

♡ello. - Alice Top [ Being Sold @ For Fancy Event // ello.'s Mainstore]
♡.miss chelsea. - Dani Jeans Stone [ Being Sold in Mainstore &/or Marketplace]
♡Wasabi Pills - Chai Mesh Hair w/ Kitty Ears - B&W [ NOT AVAILABLE // Wasabi Pill's Mainstore ]
♡Cae - Secure Collar - Aqua - Common [ Gacha Machine in Mainstore]

Pink Unicorn -  Accessories - Oriental Mask [ Being Sold @ Black Fair // Pink Unicorn's Mainstore]

Pose(s), Prop(s), & Scene;

Pink Unicorn -  Background  - Paparazzi -  #17 RARE [ Being Sold @ OhMyGacha // Pink Unicorn's Mainstore]

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